Houston is the New American Creole City of the South.

While there may be preconceived notions regarding the term ‘Creole,’ at its roots, Creole cuisine is simply the merging of diverse cultures with local ingredients. Historically, these culinary evolutions occur in our port cities. Houston is not only the largest port city in the South, it is also officially ranked as the most diverse city in the U.S.

We firmly believe there is no more intriguing city in this country to eat in than Houston. The ongoing influx of countless cultures with centuries of bountiful farming, ranching and fishing is unparalleled.  It’s not just about remarkable food—it’s a story taking shape right before us that will continue to define this restaurant and those that call this city home.

Underbelly is the story of Chef Chris Shepherd’s journey through Houston. Beneath the city’s surface—its underbelly, the things not seen—lies an endless array of the ingredients and cultures that shape Chris’ perspectives on food. Through his food, Chris asks his customers to experience not just Houston’s flavor, but its culture as well. 

Our Location

We are located at 1100 Westheimer at the corner of Waugh in Montrose.