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Wine Dinners

Trading Places with Camerata (1) - SOLD OUT

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
7 p.m.

1100 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

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What happens when chefs and sommeliers trade places? Panic. Chaos. Mayhem! Will we ever actually eat? The guys behind two of Montrose’s most popular spots, Camerata and Underbelly, have decided to put this idea to the test in a pair of dinners. 

The first dinner reverses traditional roles—sommeliers David Keck and Matthew Pridgen will cook a five-course meal, and chefs Chris Shepherd and Felipe Riccio will pair the wines.  A month later, they switch it up—Chris and Felipe cook a Fat Tuesday/Carnavale-themed feast, and David and Matt pair the wines. 

Both Chris and Felipe have worked as chefs and sommeliers—a situation that doesn’t happen often.  Felipe cooked at Reef and The Pass and Provisions before joining Camerata, and Chris spent two years running the wine program at Brennan’s.  But this doesn’t mean the other pair should be discounted.  Matt, an avid hunter, and David, who has traveled extensively as an opera singer, are accomplished home cooks. To shake things up even more, Chris and David will pair food and wine together for both dinners, and Felipe and Matt will work together.